Prepping for session 3

Ok! What next? The girls seemed to really enjoy the loot in the last adventure. Collecting really awesome items is definitely high on their list. So how can we juice this? Should I turn this campaign into more of an animal hunting situation? That could work.

Over the last few years, the girls have drawn a few dozen unique animals, and then I've commissioned artists to draw fuller versions of a few of them. For example:




Pretty cool, right? So how can I incorporate more of a collector/animal hunter mindset into this story?

My list of storytelling ingredients

  • Pseudodragons are nearby
  • Elves are nearby
  • There are three hunters somewhere
  • They're on this adventure to look for animals
  • Rentil wants to go to the ocean
  • We have some kid-created animals

The plan for next session

  • Summarise what happened
  • Stress the loot angle
  • Stress the animal discovery angle
  • Stress the "bad guys are around" angle
  • Provide a choice:
    • Look for animals
    • Look for psuedodragons
    • Look for bad guys
    • Go back to the city to regroup

Look for animals
If the girls choose this, I'm going to tell stories about the forest they're seeing and try to make the eventual uncovering of a rare animal really exciting. Maybe Rentil can say the discovery has never been found this far west, and the scientists of Mirkpar would love to hear about the discovery.

Look for psuedodragons
This will be similar to the animal hunting. It shouldn't be super easy to immediately discover them. There should be a sense of purpose and puzzling it out, so it's meaningful.

Right when they discover the psuedodragons, they're going to come across an elf.